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We all know the importance of exercise for general well being, and to prevent illnesses or aging prematurely. It has being scientifically proven that physical fitness results in lower mortality rate, helps in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even is helpful in fighting depression and in stabilizing mood behavior. However, nowhere in the official guidelines for recovery, is there a mention of the importance exercise may play in the field of recovery!

Regardless, recovery centers and individuals are naturally beginning to incorporate certain types of exercises such as yoga, walking, or even personal training in their recovery action plan.

However, two critical factors are overlooked when selecting an exercise modality to support the recovery process:

  1. The role of proper postural alignment
  • For the efficient distribution of life energy within the body
  • To stabilize mood behavior and fight against depression
  • The prevention and rehabilitation of injury
  1. The importance of physically strengthening the nervous system
  • For emotional stability
  • To enable the individual in recovery to make healthy decisions while under stress

These are crucial factors that affect mood behavior, general well-being and physical health and will dramatically influence, not only the recovery success rate but also one’s quality of life in general.

What needs to be understood is the information received in a therapy session is intellectual data. Once you leave the session you need to ground the body physically in order to maintain emotional and mental stability under stress and apply to tools provided by your therapist.

The body is a physical entity that reacts to the law of gravity. It is a self-healing organism and the nervous system is responsible for it’s healing.

So lets just take a moment and explore the role of the nervous system in the recovery process.

Our nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in our body and coordinates them together as to enable our body to work in perfect harmony. True health means that our body is functioning at a hundred per cent capacity, and this does not necessarily represent how we feel. A person could have cancer or heart disease and feel great, but obviously be in very poor health.

It is important to make the connection that health, mental and physical, including sobriety, is controlled by our nervous system. Therefore, in order to have true health, the nervous system must be able to control and coordinate the function of every cell, tissue and organ without interference.

The brain and spinal cord are connected to every cell an organ via our spinal nervous system. The spine, to assist them, is composed of three types of nerves.

Sensory nerves: These nerves tell our brain what is happening in our internal and external environment.

Motor nerves: These nerves controls and coordinate our muscles.

Autonomic nerves: These nerves control and coordinate our organs and glands.

To recap, in simple terms, if the electrical box in your house is too small, you will probably find the lights flickering on and off when you run too many appliances at the same time. You may even blow a fuse because the circuit is on overload. In order to accommodate the load, you will need to upgrade or even completely rewire your electrical system.

It is the same with the nervous system; if put on overload, it will not be able to handle the stress in your life. The nervous system is the control and communication system of the body. Its job is to send and receive messages. The nervous system controls all our thoughts and movements, via the spinal column.

That is why we must learn to protect and strengthen our nervous system and concern ourselves with proper postural alignment in order to clear the neuromuscular pathways to the brain.

There are multiple ways to calm the nervous system, for example walking in nature, hugging a tree, breathing, meditating, which are helpful but only address the issue partially.

The Body Design Formula created by Dr. Fitness USA offers a revolutionary protocol. The body undergoes a targeted series of specific sequences of strength training exercises that impact the nervous system with a tremendous amount of physical strength and releases a massive dosage of endorphins thought-out the body very rapidly. This process links the brain-muscle connection, instantly quiets the mind and creates an immediate feeling of calm, empowerment and accomplishment.

At the same time, this protocol addresses postural alignment and muscular imbalances. The side effects are a beautifully sculpted body and a physique you could only dream of having, beyond your wildest imagination. Body Design Formula by Dr. Fitness USA is quite unique in its applications and outcomes.

Now it is important to mention that not every exercise modality is created equal and produce the results above mentioned. As a matter of fact, some could be seriously counter productive to the recovery process, a healthy body, mind and spirit, and even purely and simply detrimental; it is unfortunate to witness well-intentioned fitness aficionados become injured as a result of following plans that put unnecessary stress on the nervous system, joints, tendons and ligaments, Too many exercise programs do not provide as healthy and solid foundation.

I will illustrate my point with a metaphor.


We all know the story of the three little pigs, right? The first pig built his house with straw, the second used sticks, the third one was smarter and even though it required more patience and more work, he built his house with bricks. When the big bad wolf came, and huffed and puffed, he blew down both houses made of straw and sticks, only the house made of bricks held up.

And so it is with the human body. Sadly, most people address their fitness regimen without a plan and without understanding the crucial importance of building a strong foundation, which means addressing issues such as restoring proper postural alignment and strengthening the nervous system as mentioned above, as well as correcting muscle and structural imbalances, among other factors like taking into consideration lifestyle and environment.

And so, as depicted in the three little pigs’ tale, when the unexpected challenges of life happen, inevitably the body gives out, unless you have prepared yourself ahead of time.

The three foundational pillars that differentiate the Body Design Formula Strength Training System created by Dr. Fitness USA from other fitness modalities, have guaranteed its success for over four decades, and establish it as the only logical choice for inner and outer fitness are:

  1. Symmetry: postural alignment and correcting muscular imbalances that lead to injuries
  2. Strength: physical and emotional stability by strengthening the body and the nervous system
  3. Sustainability: Long term vision for a balanced lifestyle in body mind and spirit

In our next articles we will explore more specifically how the Body Design Formula strength-training system created by Dr. Fitness USA works on the nervous system and postural alignment beyond yoga, Pilates and personal training.

Written by Batista Gremaud

Author of “How to lose weight and look good with strength training” and “Extreme Muscle Makeover”

Coming to a book store near you “Stronger than Medicine”

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Mental disorder

Aline, my sister and the downfall

A few years later, in our early teens, my sister and I choreographed a drama piece together. The story was based on “Aline” a book written by Swiss author Ramuz. It was the dramatic story of a young farm girl who falls deeply in love with a boy, and after he discovers she is pregnant leaves her. Feeling abandoned and alone she becomes severely depressed, and eventually commits suicide ending her life.

The story also ends with the girl’s mother going crazy and killing herself Mental disorder over the tragic loss of her daughter. Goodness gracious, we picked this story in our early teens; what were we thinking! Talk about depressing! In any case, the piece came out really great. I played the young girl, Aline who killed herself at the end, my sister played the mother who gets crazy and Salvatore, and young and talented students of my mother’s academy, danced the role of the young lad.

We worked really hard, and rehearsed the piece for months. We were aiming towards establishing an official dance department in the towns’ conservatorium, which was already renown for its music department. This performance was the auditioning piece. The whole thing was a new concept at the time, as Switzerland in those days was lagging behind in terms of dance cultural awareness.

So here comes the time to perform our long rehearsed masterpiece. Show time: light, music, curtain opens, … A magical, enchanting, performance, and then comes the last dance of the performance, choreographed and performed by my sister, the role of the mother going crazy and dying.

No one knows what exactly happened at that unexplainable moment, except that my sister became possessed by the women’s role she was playing and actually went crazy; she became the role, the role became her. As the music ended and the curtain closed, there was this heavy, fearful anxious silence. The death scene was so real that audience became hushed in silence and did not know how to react. Was this part of the play or was she really dead? It seemed like forever.

The curtain lifted and she rose from the floor ever so slowly. There was a sigh of relief!

One person started applauding, and the rest of the people in the audience followed by giving an astounding standing ovation that lasted for a very a long time.

But was she really ok? The after shock was my dear sweet sister was never ok ever since that dramatic play episode of dying on stage. She quit dancing after that, never to look back and a few years later, my sister mentally snapped for good and with no return to a normal life.

What happened? Were the events of our childhood too much?

Or was it the fact that shortly prior to those events, she was starving herself to be thin and fit in as a ballet dancer? Or was it a combination of both?

Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Ducking, my sister and I

When I was a kid, I was chosen to dance the role of the ugly duckling. My beautiful sister, who is 4 years older than me, played mother duck. Ugly Duckling

The role suited me well, as I always felt like I was the ugly duckling in the family. My sister, on the other hand, was absolutely gorgeous. She was talented like no other on earth. In dance, she was magnificent, flexible, learning everything at an impossible speed, and her choreographies were amazingly out of this world. When she danced, you could cry as she reached the depths of your inner soul, and people did cry as their hearts were touched by the sweetness of her presence. Everything my sister touched turned to gold. She was also smart and gifted in being an accomplished pianist, playing the piano ever so beautifully.

Myself, on the other hand, I wasn’t blessed with such talent. Naturally not flexible and a super slow learner, I had to work super hard for everything. And of course compared to my stunningly, gorgeous sister, I always felt quite ugly. I admired her. She became my role model in life.

After playing the role of the ugly duckling, in order to get over the pain I was feeling I put into my sub conscious mind:” Well, like the ugly duckling, I prefer to be ugly when I am young, and beautiful when I get older!”

I must have been about 10 years old then.

Little did I know what was awaiting to happen.

To be continued……..