Batista Gremaud AKA Batista is a published author, empowerment speaker, entertainer and co-founder of Body Design Formula and the International Institute of Body Design. 

Batista Gremaud started her professional journey at the age of three, at her parent’s academy of dance and dramatic arts in Switzerland. She made an international career as a ballet and flamenco artist and has performed all over the world.

Certified as a personal trainer, Batista is a also a Body Design Formula 7th degree Master teacher in the Dr. Fitness USA protocol. Batista's expertise in strength training includes structural realignment of the spine, getting rid of back pain without surgery, injury prevention and post rehabilitation of injuries.

Certified as a practitioner in 5 healing arts modalities, Batista understands the intricate role the Body Design Formula protocol and Dr. Fitness USA unique fitness philosophy of quieting the mind and strengthening the nervous system will play in the true integration of body, mind and spirit towards the complete consciousness shift within an individual and the evolution of the planet. She regularly appears as a celebrity guest expert on radio shows, on the topic of fitness and consciousness.

Batista is the author of “How to lose weight and look good with strength training” “Extreme muscle make-over” and “Poster 4 Power” available on Amazon. She regularly writes for addiction and recovery magazines and on-line health platforms. She is in the process of writing her 4th book “Stronger than Medicine - The Missing Link to fitness consciousness”

Available on Amazon:

Extreme Muscle Makeover
How to Lose Weight and Look Good With Strength Training.

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